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 Do you need solutions for alleviating pain, stress, brain fog, memory loss, digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, etc? Searching for a safe, supportive, healing environment?

 I serve women who are in their mature stage of life, on their SOUL JOURNEY, who desire to not only have their pain issues resolved, but want to be witnessed, nourished and nurtured in the process.    I passionately offer my hands, heart and head to help you release body tension and stress, and find a place of soothing inner balance.

Rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most gentle and yet powerful forms of integrative holistic healing, CranioSacral Therapy releases tensions around the central nervous system, so that every other bodily system can RELAX and SELF-CORRECT. 

The body unwinds and releases tensions deep within the bodily tissue.   As this therapy integrates with healthy life choices, it creates an alchemy of magical transformational healing and wisdom of one’s true essence.

 Why not give me a call, and let it be your perfect time to alleviate your pain whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Let me help you create the healthy environment and conditions for your unique expression of your soul print, and the tools, strategies and knowledge to sustain you.

I also offer Massage and Aromatherapy that have phenomenal healing, relaxing and rejuvinating benefits as well.

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