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N. Campos

March 20, 2017

My experience receiving cranio-sacral therapy from Ms. Beth Stoller has been wonderful. She's heaven sent and her services have had a very positive impact in my healing process. I have no medical diagnosis as of now , but have been through a roller coaster over the course of the last few months trying to find the cause of multiple symptoms I've been experiencing. Muscle weakness, vertigo, headaches, pain throughout my body, among many others, it was so severe that I wasn't able to function normally. Now after just three sessions, my ability to do daily living activities that were very painful and difficult for me has improved tremendously. She is also very intuitive and knowledgeable in her field and was able to empower me with ways to improve my emotional wellbeing as as well as physical. Cranio sacral therapy is so unique and I highly recommend Beth, she's amazing!


February 16, 2017  Peter Fox

Yesterday I had the good fortune to receive a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) treatment from Beth Stoller. Without a doubt, Beth is the best CranioSacral therapist I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. After 2 hours in her Hollywood healing room, where she gently and patiently guided me to release and let go, I floated out the door in a state of near-total relaxation, all chakras aligned and balanced; my body refreshed, my mind alert, my spirit rejuvenated. Oh, and did I mention that the pain and stiffness that’s been residing in my right shoulder for about 20 years seems to have completely left my body? Thank you Beth ~ you do beautiful, work! If you’re looking for CST performed by an intuitive healer with strong, gentle hands. give Ms. Stoller a holler. You’ll be glad you did.

Nancy Matthews 11/2016, Women's Prosperity Network CEO
“Thanks for your follow up call. I’m feeling great and drank lots of water. Sniffles gone too! You worked magic thank you”

Trish Carr 11/2016 Women's Prosperity Network CEO
“Thank you again for the great massage and Craniosacral Therapy. The difference in my neck is amazing. For the first time in a long time I have greater flexibility and movement. I can’t wait for my next session!”

Susan Wiener 11/2016 Women's Prosperity Network CEO
“Beth is Remarkable! Her techniques, combined with her genuine interest in assisting you heal makes her so. I highly recommend her."
Anne Goldberg July 6, 2015
Beth is a gifted practitioner, who made an immediate difference in my pain level and my overall well-being.  She provides you with a gentle arsenal of modalities to help with whatever is bothering you. She is fiercely committed to helping women achieve wellness. Her Cranial Sacral Therapy sessions are amazing and very effective and her knowledge of essential oils is impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend Beth.
Melodie Tyrrell 9:20 June 16,2015
When I initially came to Beth for Craniosacral Therapy Treatments, I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, severe muscle tension, and head pain, all of which were very debilitating. The impact of her treatments have substantially minimized my pain, uplifted me and transformed me from hopelessness to hopefulness. She has a way of deeply connecting spiritually, and ultimately clearing away emotional blockages that prevent healing. I am very optimistic about my health spiritually and physically...thanks to Beth.  I have consistently left her massage room with a sense of euphoria and strength. Beth has also guided me to alternative dietary healing options, which has produced enhanced beneficial results for me. My quality of life has changed immeasurably...Thank you so much, Beth.
Alexis M. Milea 9:01pm Apr 24 
Hi, Beth,
Your treatment has been a turning point for both my physical and mental healing; I'm on an upward swing now and it feels wonderful! And each day, I sense a deepening of the treatment's effects. Thank you for your gift, given so generously...I felt that...genuine generosity of your heart.
So thank you from MY heart!
With loving gratitude,

April 30 at 3:40pm
I went to Beth earlier in the week for a cranial sacral massage, and left our session feeling like a million dollars! Before, I felt out of order, almost as if my body wasn't connected. Parts of my body stronger/weaker than others. Leaving the session was almost a odd sensation. I felt that my body was whole. Beth is the best! She is the definition of a professional, from her knowledge to the way she conducts herself. I would highly recommend!



"In my role as marketing coach for massage therapists, I've coached 300 different massage therapists.  As a result, I've also been massaged by more than 100 different ones.  Beth Stoller is, without doubt, among the very best of them.  And if it's the healing method of Cranio Sacral that you desire, Beth is the one for you."
--Cary Bayer (, Life Coach & Author, Prosperity Aerobics, Hillsboro Beach, Florida 

Thank you so much for the Cranial Sacral treatment you provided to me on April 20, 2013. My shoulder was hurting before the treatment and since then it is feeling much better.  I have had several cranial sacral treatments in the past with my cousin, a physical therapist trained in cranial sacral therapy. I was reminded of the treatments she has provided me with and found your treatment very similar.  You have a very professional, calming demeanor and I felt that you are very confident with cranial sacral therapy (even of the mouth which my cousin has never provided me with due to my reluctance).  I trusted you.  Thank you very much and looking forward to my next treatment.  I will certainly recommend you to others.


Rhonda S. Goodman



 Liz Sterling
If you desire to feel deeply cared for and to experience healing from a woman of great love and knowledge, Beth Stoller is your go to person!
I was on her table for a Craniosacral Therapy session and fell into a state of complete trust. 
This, in and of itself, provided a healing and yet I also experienced a cellular re-balancing of my energy, mind and consciousnesses. What a beautiful and gifted practitioner she is! I feel blessed to have healed with Beth.   



I experienced Beth's light touch today during her cranio-sacral treatment and felt relaxed and energized! Most of my lower back and neck pain has been relieved and felt a sense of lightness and during the treatment enjoyed a sense of altered consciousness as well. I will be sure to have this treatment with Beth again.

Chef Barry Kraemer
Private Natural Foods Chef



This is my testimony on a craniosacral therapy treatment I had with Beth Stoller. I felt her approach was respectful, intuitive, loving  and also knowledgeable. I felt very relaxed and with a sense of well being following this gentle treatment. I trust her and I would get another treatment from her. I would definitely recommend her to other people.
Miriam Libeskind

I recently went to see Beth for Craniosacral Therapy.  Beth has an extremely calming, nurturing, healing and caring nature that put me at ease immediately.  Her touch is very gentle and precise.  She is also very thorough in explaining the treatment.  She listened, really listened, to my concerns and ailments and addressed each one.  The treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable that I felt like I had had a full night's rest after just an hour or so.  Beth was able to relieve my TMJ in a matter of minutes, which was such a relief since it was causing me frequent headaches.  It's amazing that she is able, with such little pressure, to achieve such a huge effect.  After the treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed and grounded.
Thanks again, Beth!
Zuly Biton

I just want to thank you for your Cranio Sacral treatment. I never had one before and did not know what to expect. All I can say is that I have never felt such freedom in both my neck and shoulders in who knows how long. Your explanations of what I going to happen was superb.

You truly have the Healing Touch.

Thank you,

David Blumstein


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